Why should I register and be a member of Meccanica Tricolore?
Because only registered members have possibility to ride our classic Italian superbikes from 70’s and be part of our events full of motorcycle riding, smell of petrol and positive vibes.
Owning a classic bike needs a lot of determination: buy it, repair or restore it, maintain in great condition. It cost time, money, needs space, needs specific knowledge and at least few people who help.  It is called passion. With Meccanica Tricolore all our Members has possibility to be part of this passion and feel the spirit od 70’s by riding the most fantastic bikes from that era.

What does Membership Program means?
We have a lot of various bikes in our fleet. Some of them are very easy or easy to ride, but some of them are more specific or more unique. Therefore we decided to establish 3 levels of membership.
First level is called Newcomer. Newcomer is automatically every new registered member. Newcomers can choose over 10 bikes for their first experience
Second level is called Rider. To Rider level is upgraded everyone, who successfully passed one of our ridding event. Riders has access to other motorcycles and other (longer) events.
Third and final level is called Enthusiast. To Enthusiast level is upgraded such Rider, who successfully attended at least two riding events and in addition shows something extra. Enthusiasts are people with real passion. For Enthusiasts we have few absolutely unique and exclusive bikes and tailor made events like week in Alps
More details are in our Membership Program.

Where are you located?
Our base is in small village Cecelovice approx. 100 km south-west from Prague, Czech Republic. This is beautiful region full of old castles, lakes, forests and hills. On top of it, everything is connected by twisty roads with good surface and almost no traffic. It is not a coincidence that we call the area our “Little Tuscany”.

What EXPERIENCE Meccanica Tricolore ofers?
Meccanica Tricolore offers to the members opportunity to feel incredible emotions during riding classic Italian motorcycles on fantastic roads within great team of people with similar way of thinking, opportunity to try iconic bikes, that most of people knows from posters only and last, but not least the opportunity to see beautiful part of Czech Republic and taste some local food and beer.

How can I reach you?
The best way is simply to come on your motorbike or by car. Your bikes will be parked safely on our possession. Members coming by plane to Prague airport have possibility to rent the car there, or if you are a bigger group, we can organise transfer for you. Just let us know to agree details.

Where can I leave my car and luggage?
Safely and free of charge on our possession.

Will I be able to fit a event around my planned (family) holiday?
It is question of good planning. South Bohemia is region full of historical or nature attractions, in addition Prague with amazing historical centre is just 1,5 hour drive. You can easily plan one day of ridding with us and find for family other interesting program. Let us know, we will help. 

Is there a transfer service from the airport?
It could be arranged for the bigger group. Let us know in advance to agree details. And of course you can also easily rent the car in the airport.

What else can I do in South Bohemia region?
This region of Czech Republic offers countless opportunities to spend pleasant holidays. Sporty people can enjoy biking or mountain biking, trekking or horseback riding in beautiful natural surroundings. For people interested by history, there are many small towns, castles, castle ruins, monuments, museums etc. Czech Republic is relatively small country, therefore of the top of it you can drive about 120 km (1,5 hour) to Prague with unlimited possibilities for all kind of tourists.

May I participate in the events on my own motorcycle?
Concept of our events is focused to experience from riding our classic motorcycles. In the future we are planning to organise also more touristic events, where you can participate also with your own classic bike. Follow news on our Facebook Page.

How early do I have to book?
The earleir the better, especially if you want to secure your favourite motorcycle from our fleet.

May I ride on different motorcycles during one event?
Yes, this is one of the main ideas of our events. One event, 5 or 6 bikes and we are exchanging them to have direct comparison of emotions evoked by each bike.
Of course when you are interested to spend whole event on one bike, your dreamed one, we all will respect your decision. Just mention this special demand in remarks during making the reservation.

What is the minimum age required to use a motorcycle?
The required minimum age is 25 years with a motorcycle licence that has been obtained at least 2 years prior. 

How many kilometres will we ride in a day
In general we have several proven itineraries and we will cover between 160 – 200 km per day. The pace of driving and itinerary will be suited to the roads, the riders, and the classic motorcycles used.

How many people will be taking part in the event?
Generally to enjoy the ridding of classic bikes, the group could not be too big. We have approx. 20 motorcycles in the fleet, but our riding  groups are not bigger than 6 participant + 1 or 2 guides.

Is it possible to organise individual event for our group?
Yes, it is possible. Just contact us and we will try to do our best to organise one of the best day in your motorcycle life.

What is the difficulty of riding a classic motorcycle from the '70s?
There are no difficulties. May be few specific features needs some focus. Before we start, we will explain every specific (starting procedure, drum brakes, right side shifting etc.) for each bike and let you train if necessary.
Be aware that these bikes are 40+ years old, even if they are perfectly functional! Therefore, the only precautions are maintaining appropriate speed, respecting the bike and ourselves.

Are the motorcycle events limited to experienced riders?
Our events are for active riders. People, who riding own bike without any problem. It is not the best idea to come and learn to ride bike from the real beginning. There are many moto schools on the market. Experience with modern bikes only is more than ok.
Remember, however, that even the most experienced riders will have to learn a bit specifics of classic bikes.
After we start, we will go first few kilometres by lower speed to let you start to use to all specifics. Than we usually go to the safe place (small closed airport nearby) where you can safely try the bikes in higher speed.
After this exercise we continue ride in group using common group riding rules. Everyone is keeping position in the group, everyone is checking colleague in mirrors, when colleague is far slow down to keep the column all the time.
And in the end of the day all of you will have satisfying and unforgettable experience!

Is it possible to rent the motorcycle safety equipment (helmet, jacket, gloves etc..)
No, it is not possible and will not be possible. We expect you to be active motorcyclists. And active motorcyclist has own safety equipment.
Of course we very appreciate the retro style, but it is not a condition.

Is advanced payment required?
Yes, amount is different for each event. After advanced payment your reservation is confirmed.

Is it possible to ride with a passenger?
Generally yes. But your choice of bikes is limited to two seaters and rather heavier bikes. Total weight of rider + passenger may not exceed 130 – 150 kg depending on the bike. This rule is compulsory to guarantee the preservation of the classic bikes as well as the safety of the participants. Passenger pays a cheaper price to participate.

What type of insurance coverage is provided for motorcycles?
Our bikes are insured for liability. For the rider and any passenger, we recommend that you have your own personal insurance coverage.

What happens in case of rain?
Our events are planned in the best seasons for the area, but rain can always happen. Than we are usually modifying the schedule and itinerary to start after rain or go through area, where is lower risk of rain.  If the weather conditions are really prohibitive and event must be cancelled. In this case, the participants will be given the opportunity to book another event on a different date based on the availabilities.

Are there any particular difficulties for a female rider?
Girls on classic motorbikes. You are always welcomed!
Some bikes are a bit more demanding to ride because of their weight and the strength needed to use the handlebar controls, but don’t worry, we are always close to help (with parking, turning around etc.) We have also bikes that are perfectly suitable for a woman with limited experience or worries about i.e. right side shifting. They are light, low and gentle with shifting on proper side with a bright engine that provide a lot of fun. 

What happens if a motorcycle breaks?
All motorcycles are serviced and in perfect working order. However, they are on average almost 40 years old! Some unforeseen setbacks at this age are always a possibility. As soon as possible, we will try to repair the damage on site; otherwise, the bike will be replaced within the shortest possible time. 

What happens if I damage a motorcycle?
When motorcycle is damage by some kind of your misuse, your driving mistake or another fault, this is the end of riding for you. Your deposit will be used for covering damage on motorcycle.
When we will see that you don’t have respect to our classic bikes, you are misusing them, create dangerous situations on the road etc., we will give you warning. If you not follow the rules, we will not allow you to continue ride our classic motorcycle.

How can I stay up to date on your activities?
The best way it to follow our Meccanica Tricolore Facebook page. Than you can visit time to time our regular webpage or drop us an email.

How can I contact you?
You can contact us via email at:
or by messaging to following numbers:
whatsapp: +420 731 126 078

Cell phone: +48 691 192 630

If you have any DOUBTS or QUESTIONS please do not hesitate to contact us.