General rules

         General rules

It is our pleasure to share all extraordinary emotions evoked by riding these bikes with people who understand, are on board, are passionate about motorcycles like us, who are responsible, open minded and ready to celebrate imperfection that makes life beautiful and tasty.

The participants of the riding event are asked to refer to the following check out list:

     ●        the participant must be an active motorcyclist, easily managing riding techniques (experience with modern motorcycles only is sufficient)

     ●        valid driving licence for motorcycles is obligatory

     ●        the participant must have his or her own motorcycle safety accessories (homologated helmet, motorcycle jacket, motorcycle boots and gloves approved for riding ) – retro style is welcomed

     ●        all participants are subject to zero alcohol policy

     ●        be careful with the motorcycles – all of them are distinguished ladies, unique and original, need to be treated accordingly

     ●        show kindness to the other participants – ride thoughtfully and safely, keep relevant distance, check your teammates in the mirrors and be patient

     ●        ride within your comfort zone – motorcycles are insured, but all of them are rare or unique, mostly in their original, unrestored condition, any damage means the loss of a part of the motorcycle history, unrecoverable with money from insurance

     ●       you will find detailed terms & conditions attached to the rental contract/agreement

Our aim is to create an extraordinary experience for you and to enjoy the great motorcycle day with you.
Don’t worry about difficulties of right side shifting, old fashioned brakes and suspension. Don’t be scared with the engine starting procedure being different for each bike and even different for the same bike depending on the weather conditions or the season.
We will support you all the time
. We will always be helpful and believe that at the end of the day all these details will become natural to you.